Full Speed Ahead:

How We Built This Site with Sanic

Welcome to our little corner of the Internet where we proudly say, "Yes, we built this with Sanic!" This isn't just a website; it's our playground, our test lab, our battlefield, and, well, our home.

The Story: "We Drink Our Own Champagne"#

We believe in Sanic so much that we decided to put it to the ultimate test—running our own website. It's like a chef eating at their own restaurant, only with less risk of food poisoning.

Why? Because building a website or web application is hard. There are countless moving parts, a plethora of challenges, and the ever-present need for speed and reliability. We want to show you just one of the many ways you could do it.

In this high-stakes digital kitchen, Sanic is our secret ingredient. By deploying our own website on Sanic, we're not just showcasing its capabilities; we're stress-testing them in the real world. This is our chance to walk the walk, proving that Sanic isn't just good on paper—it's a robust, high-performance framework that can handle everything from the smallest blog to the busiest e-commerce site.

So, here we are, sipping our own champagne, confident in the knowledge that if Sanic can run our site, it can power yours too. Cheers to coding at the speed of thought! 🥂

The Setup: Digital Ocean, Ahoy!#

We launched our site on Digital Ocean's App Platform because we love high-performance cloud sailing. Think of it as having a Ferrari in the cloud—fast, sleek, but way easier to handle.

Why go for simplicity? With a lean team and no DevOps gurus, we needed a no-fuss, straightforward solution. Digital Ocean gives us that smooth sailing platform-as-a-service (PaaS) experience. It’s perfect for our needs: easy setup, automatic deployments, and the kind of reliability that lets you sleep soundly.

Our choice reflects our ethos: focus on your strengths and let the platform do the heavy lifting. For us, it means creating amazing web experiences with Sanic, supported by a deployment solution that's simple yet powerful. ⛵

The Code: GitHub's Where It's At#

All our code is out in the open, basking in the glory of public scrutiny on GitHub. Why hide the magic? It's right there, in full view, at our GitHub repository. Go ahead, take a peek, fork it, play with it, break it (and then kindly fix it).

Open-source isn't just a buzzword for us; it's our ethos. It's about building something bigger than ourselves, together. Our code is a testament to collaborative innovation, a playground for development, and a real-life example of Sanic in action.

Every line of code, every commit, reflects our journey with Sanic, showcasing how we leverage its speed and scalability. Your contributions, whether fixing a bug, suggesting a feature, or enhancing documentation, are what propel this project forward.

So, dive in, contribute your genius, and let's keep shaping the future of web development with Sanic. Together, we're not just coding – we're creating a community-driven powerhouse. 🚀

The Invitation: Write, Code, Break, Fix!#

  • Documentarians: Love making complex stuff sound easy? Our docs are your canvas. Paint away in words! 🎨

  • Code Ninjas: Find bugs? Squash 'em. Got ideas? Code 'em. Make pull requests rain! 🥷

  • Bug Hunters: If you find bugs, don't just stare. Let us know. We love a good bug hunt. 🐛

The Bottom Line#

We built this site with Sanic to show off what it can do. It's fast, it's fun, and it's what we use. So, if things load swiftly, pat us on the back. If they don't, well, uh... we blame cosmic rays?

Join us in making Sanic not just good, but "I-can't-believe-it's-not-butter" good!

Cheers, The Sanic Team (who occasionally wear capes)