Sanic is a Python 3.8+ web server and web framework that’s written to go fast. It allows the usage of the async/await syntax added in Python 3.5, which makes your code non-blocking and speedy.

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What is it?#

First things first, before you jump in the water, you should know that Sanic is different than other frameworks.

Right there in that first sentence there is a huge mistake because Sanic is both a framework and a web server. In the deployment section we will talk a little bit more about this.

But, remember, out of the box Sanic comes with everything you need to write, deploy, and scale a production grade web application. 🚀


To provide a simple way to get up and running a highly performant HTTP server that is easy to build, to expand, and ultimately to scale.



  • Built in, fast web server
  • Production ready
  • Highly scalable
  • ASGI compliant
  • Simple and intuitive API design
  • By the community, for the community

Sanic Extensions [learn more]#

  • CORS protection
  • Template rendering with Jinja
  • Dependency injection into route handlers
  • OpenAPI documentation with Redoc and/or Swagger
  • Predefined, endpoint-specific response serializers
  • Request query arguments and body input validation
  • Auto create HEAD, OPTIONS, and TRACE endpoints

Check out open collective to learn more about helping to fund Sanic.

Join the Community#

The main channel for discussion is at the community forums. There also is a Discord Server for live discussion and chat.

The Stackoverflow [sanic] tag is actively monitored by project maintainers.


We are always happy to have new contributions. We have marked issues good for anyone looking to get started, and welcome questions/answers/discussion on the forums. Please take a look at our Contribution guidelines.